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Health focused, and natural supplements for the mind, body, and soul. My Musso is proud to support a healthy way of living every day. Join us as we aim to introduce more quality herbal products!

We believe in unprocessed, untampered, and ol' natural products all around.


This Is great for me as I try to keep to a strict eating routine. It’s nearly impossible to get all the minerals necessary without taking tablets, which I don’t like. Now, I can reach my goals with 2 table spoons of this sea moss.


Really enjoy blending this into smoothies. After rinsing, I freeze a portion so it's kind of like ice for the smoothies & can’t even taste it. I recommend and don’t worry about the smell -- It goes away once cleaned properly.


I've purchased sea moss from a few places - but none of them have made me feel the way this one does. I wish they had a 12 month subscription! My face is so clear, I am amazed at how well and fast this works.