Where Does Irish Sea Moss Grow?

Where Does Irish Sea Moss Grow? By My Musso


Irish Sea Moss is one of the world's greatest secrets. In fact, it may have been a very well kept secret until now. The benefits of Irish sea moss are so bountiful it's no wonder why people are beginning to learn more about it. If you're going to be learning more about Irish sea moss and where does Irish sea moss grow - this is an excellent place to start. 

Our team spent hours researching the conditions and locations of Irish sea moss, and here is what I found! 

Atlantic Ocean

You can find Sea moss along the rocky coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean in North America and Europe. Irish moss, also known as Chrondus Chripus, and Carrageenan can also be found on the coasts of the islands that separate the Caribbean Sea. 

North America

St. Lucia

In North America, you can find Irish sea moss on the coasts of St. Lucia, where we source our Irish Sea Moss from, as well as other islands that border the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean.  


Although this superfood can be found there, the source where most people get their Irish Sea Moss from is Massachusetts. Massachusetts is the primary source of sea moss at this time. Most of the Sea Moss you come across will have been grown along the coasts of Massachusetts.


Now, on the other end of the ocean, you can find Irish sea moss growing along the coasts of France, oui oui, and Ireland (This superfood probably explains McGregor's Record)! Sea Moss isn't a new superfood - it's been around since the Potato Famine that occurred in Irelands.

There are perhaps many other places where this extraordinary superfood grows; however, these are the places we were able to find and share with you. The truth is, however, that it doesn't matter too much where your Irish Sea Moss was grown. Still, it adds to your story when you can share with others where your Irish Sea Moss grew!



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