Our Mission: Get Mossed!

Our mission is to get the wondrous benefits of Irish Sea Moss into the hands of those who understand all the benefits sea moss and other herbal products can have. Although we strive to make it possible to get these solutions to you, we also aim to educate those who are new to the benefits of sea moss, and herbal apothecary items. This way, more people can benefit from herbal supplements!

Me So Musso

My Musso is proud to introduce Irish Sea Moss; a healing plant humanely sourced from the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of St. Lucia. This strand of Chondrus Crispus, a plant-like algae, is packed with 92 of the 102 daily recommended minerals. 
We’re making health and beauty more accessible and affordable through sustainable and organic Irish sea moss - one bag at a time!

Skin Moss

Some aren't aware even of sea mosses existence. So, we don't necessarily expect everyone to know that sea moss is great for your skin! It can help ease skin diseases like eczema. It can also be used as a face mask, and will literally snatch your pores within 3 days of every day use. 


Food Moss

Irish Sea Moss has been around for a very long time and has lost popularity over the years as it was first used mainly as a thickening agent. However, over the years it's popularity continued to grow when people began to discover the amazing benefits of it - like it having 92 of the daily minerals needed for the body.


Irish Sea Moss Capsules Professinally Packaged

Professionally Done

We take the time to get only the purest form of our products - always. We also, make sure that we professionally pick, pack, and polish all of our capsule products into only GMO free, completely vegetarian capsules. 


More On The Blog

If you're looking to learn more about our Irish Sea Moss you can do so on our blog. We'll discuss how to turn raw Irish sea moss into it's common gel form; different foods and recipes where you can add your sea moss. We'll even share different applications methods if you're looking to use sea moss for skin care!